2017-2018 Frostbite Racing

Annapolis Yacht Club hosted the Frostbite Series I & II just following the J/24 East Coast Championship. Spaceman Spiff, Rush Hour and JABB competed in PHRF C for both series.

Depending on the breeze direction, the race committee either started us right off of SSA (perfect for all of us!) and sent us out to the green cans and out toward the radio towers or by the Naval Academy seawall headed up the river.

Frostbite racing is the best! Start for our class is at 1:30pm, you do an hour long race, head in for lunch and then back out for a second race around 3:00. If all goes according to plan, the boat is back on the trailer and you’re on your way by 4:30-5. A perfect way to pass the winter and it helps bring the Annapolis NOOD to town just that much faster!

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