4 hours left to register for Annapolis NOODs!

Today is the last day to register for the Annapolis NOOD Regatta, hosted by AYC May 4-6. Registration closes at 5pm — register now to avoid the $50 late penalty! Click here to go to the online registration site.

List of entries:

1. Christopher   Stone Velocidad
2. Jeffrey   Ford Wild   Card
3. John   Denman Airodoodle
4. Frank   McNamara ZOT
5. Mark   Rivera The   J-Team
6. Matthew   Goushy Gladiator
7. Travis   Odenbach Honey   Badger
8. Bengt   Johansson Anna
9. Tony   Parker bangor   packet
10. Pete   Kassal Spaceman   Spiff
11. Carter   White Angry   Dragon
12. Peter   Rich USA   4006
13. Brent   Ellwood Sane   Asylum

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